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AED 150.00

Author: Zaahirah Muthy
Cover: Hardbound
Condition: New

Foreword : Fourth year in the making and it does me great pleasure to announce that the response for this year’s Art Connects Women, international exhibition far overwhelms those of our preceding instalments. With 100 artists from 100 countries extracted from over 289 applicants across the globe, we have officially shattered all records in establishing a large-scale all-women exhibition in conjunction with International Women’ Day.

In our efforts to lift the margins of accessibility on art for all to enjoy, this year is also no different in ZeeArts provision of satellite activities that accompany the main exhibition. Voices of women leaders across industries during the conference of empowerment will shed light on the very reason why enabling women is principal in maintaining collective harmony.

Not only that, we at ZeeArts expand our scope of inclusivity by positioning this exhibition as a beacon of multiculturalism, so much that we see women of disparate ethnicity, backgrounds, and beliefs all converging upon Dubai to bring and showcase to the world what the world itself has to offer. In doing so, we are also casting the spotlight onto ordinary people who do extraordinary things. These artists, be it from a large city or a tiny village, will be elevated out of obscurity and into public awareness for their remarkable artistic achievements, thus further narrowing the gap between the emerging and the established artists at the show.

ZeeArts, wishes to Extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our partners and supporters for their unwavering support towards the International Women’s Day 2020. A great deal of our gratitude goes to the team, who have been working relentlessly round the clock from all corners of the globe to make the Art Connects Women 2020 a great success.