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Registered product under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) based on the compliance to the following requirements : UAE ROHS REGULATION
Certificate No. 20-07-18664/E20-07-005455

The Ozonizer 2C is an electronic gadget which functions as Air & Water Purifier, Food Sanitizer and Health & Beauty Enhancer.
1) AIR PURIFIER - Ozonizer 2C has a bacterial reduction rate of 99.76% and 99.98% at 15 to 30 minutes exposure respectively against Staphylococcus aureus in air. Once the oxygen radicals are consumed by pollutants in air, there is nothing left – no foul odor, no bacteria, no pollutants - but only pure and breathable oxygen molecules.

2) WATER PURIFIER - Ozone is 150 times more powerful and 3,500 times fast-acting that chlorine. It does not only kill pathogens in water but can also eliminate harmful chemicals. Exposure of the Ozonizer 2C into water contaminated with E. coli and E. aerogenes gave reduction rates of 99.69% and 99.89% for 15 to 30 minutes, respectively.

3) FOOD SANITIZER - Ozonizer 2C against Salmonella species in raw meat are 94.59% and 97.15% respectively at 15 to 30 minutes exposure. After ozonization your food is therefore free from contaminants which allow longer shelf life without compromising its freshness and nutrients.

4) BATHING AND BEAUTY - Ozone treated water or alkaline water acts as a natural skin detoxifying agent. It efficiently removes chemical residues from commercial shower products. When left to dry on the skin, excess oxygenated water is absorbed leaving skin soft and protected.