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Car DXB Aroma Diffuser Highly Scented Essential Oil Long Lasting

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Car DXB Aroma Diffuser Highly Scented Essential Oil Long Lasting


The world that we are living in is increasingly busy and full of distractions. The stress of daily life can consume most of our energy, leaving us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Regardless if you are at work, home, or traveling, your living space should offer a respite from the craziness and provide an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. If you are constantly looking for a boost, essential oils can help relieve stress and increase your peace, calm, and energy. V-Diamond essential diffuser bottle is designed to be very portable, easy to use, and can be placed anywhere in your home, car, or office.

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Beyond adding an Aroma to a room, essential oils provide many diverse benefits. Using a diffuser is an easy way to disperse them so that their scent can fill a living space with the oil’s natural fragrance. Among their many benefits, these oils can help energize or relax you, provide sinus and allergy relief and provide a safer alternative to candles and incense, and even get rid of bugs. Do you love having a fresh scent in your home but dislike the strong smell of an artificial air freshener? An essential oil diffuser is the most natural way to freshen up your home, office, or car without overpowering the senses.

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Rear View Mirror Hanging Assembly

Comes with a high-quality Beechwood cap for durability but breathable enough to release essential aroma to fill your car/room and a beautifully made hanging string to tie around your mirror. Our product provides a great alternative to conventional chemical air deodorizing products and will be a great decorative option for your vehicle.

How to Use
Step-1:Remove the Wooden Cap
Step-2:Remove the seal inside
Step-3:Place the back of the wooden cap tightly
Step-4:Flip the bottle for 1 sec until the oil spreads to the Wood
Step-5:Recommended to hang in the rearview mirror